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Kate :: 22 :: England

Just so you know a little bit about me: I’m a writer and love reading. I love horror films and chick flicks, Disney and comedy. My iPod is a range of pop and rock. I love Animal Crossing and Assassins Creed. I have a three year grudge against Mario Kart and Rainbow Road. I want to travel the world and experience as many cultures as possible. I’m a swimmer and a lifeguard. And I always have some kind of camera with me.

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19 books there. As you can see Micah and Strange Candy are in one, but I also have Micah as a seperate book and Hit List is currently finished on my bedside table.

I love these books.

They are the reason I love writing. Why I started writing. Why my motivation is back. So much love For Anita Blake.

I know they have their downfalls but THEY ARE AMAZING.

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